Many mobile phones today are equipped with Internal GPS features. So what exactly is GPS? And how GPS Work?. Dont buy a phone that has GPS feature, but you do not know what and for what is GPS?

GPS or Global Positioning System in simple terms is one system that will help us to know the position we are today. GPS works by transmitting signals from the satellite (NAVSTAR, GLONASS, BEIDOU, etc) to the GPS device (mobile, Android, IOS or Blackberry are equipped GPS for example). To obtain a detailed position as accurately as possible, the GPS should be used in open space. If we use GPS in indoors room, or in a place that many high buildings, maybe it will make GPS less accurate work.

GPS information is transmitted by several satellites (three satellites for example) so that the GPS receiver can calculate and display as accurately as possible the position, velocity and time information to GPS users.

GPS technology was first used by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) for military needs. The GPS system use since 1980, but in general usage by public approximately at the 1990's.

GPS is being able to work in various weather conditions, day or night. The accuracy of a GPS device can reach 15 meters, the latest models accuracy to can reach 3 meters.

If the mobile phone you have are already equipped with GPS feature, so you can see the position where you are currently on the maps (Google Maps, for example), you can even specify how long your trip from one place to another, You can also continue to measure how the speed of your vehicle, and of course you are also given directions that must be passed, how many liters of gasoline needed for you to get to your desired location. There are many many benefits that can be obtained from the GPS in your mobile phone, especially with the support of various applications.
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