Proxy Server is a computer / appliance turned "mediator" in the process of Internet access. There's cache and firewall functions at all. Accelerate your Internet connection.
Analogy: Your beloved sister mediator in the delivery of "love letters" to your lover. There is a firewall function (he will reject the request if received by others) or the letter is addressed to others. and some functions from the cache, such as time-saving access to live together as brothers him with your lover.

Uses of proxy servers
  • A content-filtering web proxy server provides administrative control over the content that may be relayed through the proxy. It is commonly used in both commercial and non-commercial organizations (especially schools) to ensure that Internet usage conforms to acceptable use policy. In some cases users can circumvent the proxy, since there are services designed to proxy information from a filtered website through a non filtered site to allow it through the user's proxy.
    A content filtering proxy will often support user authentication, to control web access. It also usually produces logs, either to give detailed information about the URLs accessed by specific users, or to monitor bandwidth usage statistics. It may also communicate to daemon-based and/or ICAP-based antivirus software to provide security against virus and other malware by scanning incoming content in real time before it enters the network.
  • A caching proxy server accelerates service requests by retrieving content saved from a previous request made by the same client or even other clients. Caching proxies keep local copies of frequently requested resources, allowing large organizations to significantly reduce their upstream bandwidth usage and costs, while significantly increasing performance. Most ISPs and large businesses have a caching proxy. Caching proxies were the first kind of proxy server.
    Bypassing filters and censorship
  • If the destination server (DNS) has filters content based on the origin of the request, then a proxy can remove this filter. For example, a server using IP-based geolocation has restrict its service only for certain country, in this case we cannot open a website belong to another country. but it can be accessed using a proxy located in that country to access the service.
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