BLAKCAM GAMEPAD is Controllable Vehicle Camera Mod or First Person Driving Cleo Script for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. With this script installed you can enter first person mode while driving, look around area, change viewpoint of camera and more.

*Your GTASA Mobile must support Cleo Script
Download BLAKCAM_GAMEPAD from link below this post and extract it.
Copy BLAKCAM_GAMEPAD.csa and BLAKCAM_GAMEPAD.fxt to your gtasa data folder eg. /sdcard/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa

How to use:
While Driving, press Select Button (Change Camera) twice (2x) this will activate Blakcam
In this mode you can look around with R analog stick.
Pressing LB (L2) to look backward
To enter menu Press LT (R1) & RT (R1) at the same time
Press LB (L2) or RB (R2) to change selection
Press RT (R1) to Choose.

[Change Position Camera]
You can configure position of camera with Edit Mode On/OFF
- L Analog UP / Down = Move Camera forward / backward.
- L Analog Left / Right = Move Camera left / right.
- R Analog UP / DOWN = Move Camera upward / downward.
- R Analog Left / Right = Change Default Camera Angle Down / Up

Enable or disable winshield, if you change vehicle you must re-enable and disable windshield if you want to make winshield on new vehicle gone

Hide or Show Hud

Hide or Show Radar

[Gang Zone]
Hide or Show gang zone / green mark on map / radar.

#Video Taken With Indihome B760H Android Box Device, click this Link for more B760H tips

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