This error come when we want to add My Gmail Account to Windows10 Mail and Calendar App, this 0x8007042B error code also come if we try to add an Yahoo Account. When Mail & Calendar app state is Uninstalled, we can still add and Google or Yahoo account via Start by typing " Email & Accounts" but the problem still come if we hit Google or Yahoo. From there, I believe the root of this problem is in Current User setting, and not from the Mail & Calendar App.
Windows Mail Error 0x8007040b
If we only want to Sync Gmail to Mail & Calendar app, we can do it by adding IMAP/POP3 Gmail account, but before doing that, we must "Turn On" Less Secure Apps in our Google Account .
If it say "account need update" or "Attention" check on manage setting sync option and be sure on "Advanced Mail Setting" imap set to and smtp is ""

As we said, IMAP/POP account only can sync our mail, not Calendar and Contact. Google sync Contact and Calendar via CalDAV. Unfortunately there is no option to Add CalDAV account beside iCloud from Apple.

The Alternative Solution to Sync our Google Calendar and Contact is by Creating "New" Windows User Account and Say goodbye to our old Window User Account. By doing that, if we try to add Google Account or Yahoo, no error 0x8007042B anymore, this mean we don't need the Imap/Pop account anymore. so that's why I suspect our old windows user account has corrupted or has wrong setting Authentication.  This is real pain if we used window from a long time, but we can still move our Document and etc to our Newly created user Account.

To create New Windows User Account, do the following:
  • Start typing "user" and pick "Add, edit or remove other user".
  • Click on "Add someone else to This PC".
  • in the "How will this person sign in?" click "I don't have this person's sign-in information"
  • Click on "Add a user without a Microsoft account"
  • Type Name and Windows Logon Password if needed.
At this state, New User has been Created. Next, change account type to Administrator, in "Add, edit or remove other user", click on the newly created User and click "Change Account Type" and pick Administrator. The difference between Standart Account and Administrator is we can Grant permission to other user Account if is Administrator Account type.

This time is for data Migrating process.
If you are using private folder location or Default folder location of "My Document", "My Picture" etc, and want to keep its folder private from other user, we can do this by "Cut & Paste" our data to New User.
  • Now click on Start, then click our "Account Image" and choose "Sign out".
  • On the "Sign In" window, Login to newly created user Account. It take some time.
  • After logon, open two window Explorer
  • The first Explorer go to C:\Users\[NewUserFolderName]
  • The Second Explorer go to C:\Users\OldUserFolderName] when pop up come click on Continue to get Access to its folder.
  • Open folder side by side ex. old My Document vs new My Document folder and start "Cut & Paste" your data from old to new.
In the Start menu, we will notice not all Program is listed in the start menu. Don't worry it just a Short Cut we can copy and paste, and the location is in Hidden folder in:
C:\Users\[UserFolderName]Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.
To show hidden folder, in the explorer window click "File" > "Change folder search & option" > click on view tab and click on Radio button "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".
Some software installed or save some resource in Appdata folder so crosscheck the shortcut and move Appdata folder needed by the software only.
"WARN" Don't move our all old "Appdata" user folder to new user folder, Appdata folder will be generated itself that's why it take some times when we first login it contain our corrupted old user settings.

It will be easier if the old user use custom Folder Location for Document, Picture, Video etc in the first time. We only need to change the location folder of New user. example in C:\Users\NewUserFolderName right click and properties then go to "Location Tab" targeting to our old custom folder and click on move.

If our migrating process is done, this time to choose to Remove our old user account from windows or deactivate the old user. Remove mean windows will remove the old user folder completely, Deactivate user mean the user will not be Showing in the Logon window and the user folder still in place.

To Deactivate old user Window account, open up CMD by typing CMD in Start and Click on Run as Administrator. In CMD window type: net user OldUsername /active:no

Before Removing Old User, try to remove our permission in the Old user folder by right click on the old user folder and hit properties, from there go to Security tab and click Edit, click on your new created user then click on remove button.

Removing Old/unused User mean save some hard disk space so before doing that make sure everything is correct. We can remove the user by simply clicking "Remove" of targeted user in "Add, edit or remove other user" setting page.
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